How to check if a car is insured?

How to check if a car is insured?


It is quick, simple and free to establish if a car is insured. The best method is to check a registration number on the National Insurance Database. (MID). The motor insurance database has a dedicated website where you can enter a registration number and you will instantly be given the vehicles insurance status. The police use Automatic Numberplate Recognition technology (ANPR) which is linked to the motor insurance database (MID) to identify and catch people driving uninsured vehicles. More than 500 vehicles are seized every day and one person every three minutes is convicted for uninsured driving.


How to check:

Go to and click on “Check AskMid” and enter your registration number in the box displayed.

Can I check other people’s vehicles?

Yes, you can search any registration number that you like. No personal information will be given, just the make of the vehicle and the insurance status on that given day.


Do I need insure my car?

Yes, you must insure your car. Your lease car will be provided with road tax but not insurance, unless otherwise stated. Road Traffic Act 1988 states that all vehicles must have at the very minimum, third-party insurance. So, not only does keeping your car insured keep you financially protected it also keeps you on the right side of the law.


Do I need car insurance?

Yes, because it's the law. The Road Traffic Act 1988 states that all cars must have, at the least, third party insurance. So, not only does car insurance keep you financially protected if an accident happens, it keeps you on the right side of the law too.


Does leasing make insurance more expensive?


No, Leasing a car does not make your insurance more expensive. In-fact car leasing often has cheaper insurance rates as you are always driving a new vehicle which is up to date with all the new safety technology and equipment. your annual mileage is easily estimated also if you opt for a limited mileage insurance policy.


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