Cancelled Orders

Cancelled orders are generally in stock or on the way from the factory to our supplying dealerships. These vehicles are often discounted and offered at attractive rates. They don't stick around long!  

Car Leasing — Cancelled Orders

Below are some orders which have been cancelled. These cars are in stock and ready to go for immediate delivery. If you’re in the market for a new car, have no preference and need it quickly, this is the page for you.

Not only can we get these cars delivered immediately but they’re also heavily discounted. There are some great deals to be had, but you have to be quick! We update this page regularly, so keep your eyes peeled. You may just drive away a bargain

For cancelled orders, please contact us for a manual quote.

Why Do Cancelled Orders Happen?

Unfortunately, sometimes our customer’s circumstances drastically change and they can no longer go ahead with their order. If the vehicle has already been ordered and the deposit paid, we can’t stop the production or delivery of the car from the manufacturer.

In these rare cases, we upload any cars that have been cancelled to this page and offer them at a highly discounted price so that we can move them from our premises as quickly as possible.

While we never want to see an order cancelled, it does happen. But, we’re happy we can offer up these brand new cars at a discounted price and give them to a new loving home to anyone quick enough to snap them up.

If you have any questions about the vehicles available on this page, please call us now on 01908 618888 or send us a message.

Enquire on a cancelled order now

When contacting us about a cancelled order please provide some information regarding the type of vehicle that you desire. 

I.e: Size of car , Initial payment and monthly budget, Lease duration and annual mileage. 

Without this information we will be unable to send you relevant cancelled offers.