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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to lease a vehicle, but I cannot select the exact mileage and contract duration that suits me.

Call or email us. Our agents will be glad to create a custom quote to suit your personal requirements

I cannot find the vehicle I want to lease on your website.  

Kardi deals with most popular manufacturers. If you cannot see the vehicle you want please feel free to call or email us and we will try our very best to provide you with a competitive quote.

I have been declined finance in the past and may not be able to lease a car.

At Kardi we try our utmost best for each client. If you have a issue with your credit history please call or email us. We have been able to resolve many such issues in the past and may be able to help.

Is my lease vehicle taxed? 

Yes. All of our lease vehicles are taxed for the duration of the contract.

Is my lease vehicle insured.

No. It is the responsibility of the leaseholder to obtain comprehensive insurance. It is also advised that GAP insurance is taken out but this is to the discretion of the leaseholder.

Is the vehicle delivered or do I collect it from Kardi?

Free mainland UK delivery is included in the price of all vehicles. Delivery must be to your home or work address, In most cases delivery can be accepted by a spouse or relative if you are unavailable during the delivery slot. We can guantee a delivery date but we cannot confirm a time until the day of delivery. 

What age do I need to be to lease a vehicle? 

In the UK you need to be 18 years or older to enter into a financial contract. This applies for Hire purchase, PCP and Leasing. 

I am retired, Can I lease a vehicle? 

Yes! At Kardi we treat all customer fairly. If you are retired you canstill lease a vehicle. The underwriting process is slightly different but it is still relatively straightforward. If your licence is due to expire during the lease period we will requesed a signed decloration confirming that you are aware you may need to terminate your lease. If you are retired and interested in leasing please contact our sales team who are more than happy to assist. 


If you still have any questions please feel free to contact us.