12 Month Lease Deals

Secure brand new vehicles for great prices with 12 month lease deals from Kardi Vehicles

We specialise in the provision of one-year lease agreements for customers across the length and breadth of Britain. Whether you are looking to lease for private use or business purposes, we’ve got the vehicle for you. 

With our 12-month lease deals, you get:

  • Annual access to brand new and state-of-the-art vehicles
  • Lower prices than day-to-day short-term rentals
  • Unbeatable flexibility in your lease contracts


What We Love About 12 Month Lease Deals

While 36-48 month lease deals are typically more common for vehicle lease contracts, we’ve seen a huge influx in the number of customers requesting 12 month lease deals. And we’re not surprised. 12 month lease deals are one of our favourite services.

There are plenty of reasons to consider a 12-month lease deal with Kardi Vehicles:

Greener Vehicles

Brand new vehicles are often more eco-friendly and help reduce your carbon footprint.

No Maintenance Worries

Always under the manufacturer’s guarantee, you never face concerns of maintaining the vehicle.

Low-Credit Score Options

If your credit score is low, 12-month lease deals make it easier for you to get approval.

New Vehicles

If your lease deal only lasts 12 months, you’re always open to upgrading to the latest models.

Cost Management

12-month contracts mean you aren't tied to long-term costs and can adjust your budget annually.

Totally Flexible

A lot can change in a year. Short leasing means you aren't tied to a contract that no longer works for you.

Who Could Benefit from 12 Month Lease Deals?

12-month lease deals can be perfect for both private lease agreements and business contracts. They’re well suited for all vehicle usage requirements. We highly recommend 12-month lease deals to anyone who needs the superior flexibility that comes with a shorter contract. From businesses with short-term workers to individuals who face lifestyle changes in the near future, 12-month lease deals mean you never have to worry about paying monthly fees for a contract that doesn’t suit your current needs.

How to Lease Your New Vehicle for 12 Months

It could not be easier to lease a car or commercial vehicle for 12 months with Kardi Vehicles. All you have to do is browse our extensive range of vehicle models. We have a wide variety of brand new cars available for you to lease, including BMWs, Fords, Lexus and even Tesla. Once you’ve decided on the model you’d like to lease you can call us on 01908 618888.

Direct 12 month lease deal prices are not available on our website, as we endeavour to customise your quote as best as possible in order to provide the absolute best price. This requires a quick phone call. Don’t worry, the call is no-obligation and pain-free. Once we get your details and arrange a quote, we leave it with you to make your decision.

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Why Get Your 12 Month Lease Deals From Kardi Vehicles?

Members of the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Kardi Vehicles are a trusted name in the UK car leasing industry. With a 100% strike rate for ‘excellent’ reviewers on consumer feedback website TrustPilot, you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re working with experts in 12 month lease deals. Our support team pride themselves on top-quality customer service, and making sure your lease agreement is handled with absolute transparency. We’re here to make your life easier, and get you driving away in your new vehicle as soon as possible. To start your journey with Kardi Vehicles, browse our range of car lease options today.