Can I tow with an Electric Car

Towing with an EV

Thinking of getting an EV but you want the ability to tow, or you already have one and you are wondering if it is possible? 

It is a tricky subject, as Electric Cars are considerably heavier than a comparable petrol or diesel car. This difference in weight is due to the battery packs carried by an EV. Typically, manufacturers do not want to add to this weight even further by towing a trailer.

It is possible to tow with an EV but not all of them. Some EV's are designed with towing in mind, whilst others, typically smaller EV's cannot accommodate the towing infrastructure as their battery packs simply take up all of the available space. If you are thinking about leasing an electric vehicle and towing is important to you, please consult with our sales team who will gladly confirm a cars towing ability. 

Is it possible to tow with an electric car?

It is possible to tow with an increasing number of Electric Cars. There are some positive and negative points that should be considered when it comes to weighing up your options. 

Your battery range is likely to drop by a considerable amount when towing. This will depend on some factors such as trailer size, weight and aerodynamic drag. Yes, these same factors will reduce the range of a petrol or diesel car too, however range anxiety is rarely an issue with an internal combustion car. 



What is towing capacity?

Towing capacity is the mass that a vehicle can safely and legally tow according to the manufacturer. The towing capacity of a vehicle can generally be found on a sticker inside the drivers or passengers door located on the "C Pillar" or sometimes in the engine bay. If you are unsure of a cars towing capacity and you intend on towing with your new lease car, please consult with Kardi Leasing before ordering your new car.

Towing capacity is generally split into two categories. Braked and unbraked. Unbraked capacity refers to the mass limit for a trailer without brakes and therefore , must rely on the cars brakes entirely to slow down. Braked capacity refers to the mass limit for towing a trailer with its own braked axle(s). The benefit to a braked trailer is that it can reduce the dependence on the vehicle to slow down as it can brake itself when its momentum pushes forward on the draw-bar. This is typically used in larger trailers. 


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Can I fit a Tow Bar to my Lease Car?

At Kardi Leasing, a family owned car leasing company in Milton Keynes, we understand your need for versatility. While considering the option of adding a tow bar to your leased vehicle, we're here to guide you through the process. It's important to note that during the lease agreement, you may have the opportunity to equip your vehicle with a tow bar, subject to approval from your finance company. However, in order to ensure the vehicle's pristine condition upon return at the end of your agreement, any such modifications might require removal without causing any damage. Discover the potential of towing with a lease car and rely on Kardi Leasing to provide expert advice and support throughout your journey.