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Find the best deals for car leasing in the UK. Perfect for business use or personal ownership, our car leasing services offer you an unbeatable lease experience. Browse our extensive range of car lease options to find the best vehicle to suit your needs.

Specialist UK Car Leasing

Benefits of Leasing UK Cars With Kardi Vehicles

There are plenty of reasons to choose our services when you lease a car in the UK. We’re proud to be an industry-leading specialist when it comes to not only vehicle quality, but also customer service.

Full Manufacturers Warranty

All Vehicles Come With Full Manufacturer's Warranty for Peace of Mind

Free Nationwide Delivery

We deliver your new lease car anywehre in the UK. Direct to your home or workplace. 

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Our Lease Cars Include Comprehensive 24/7 Roadside Assistance. 

Maintenance Packages Available

Maintenance Packages Are Available For Complete Coverage

UK Car Leasing Offers: Our Current Deals

Get the best possible car lease option for your budget with our exclusive deals! Browse our top offers updated regularly to ensure only the very best car lease deals.

Why Lease a Car?

There are lots of reasons to lease a car in the UK. It’s for these reasons that over 1.5 million people lease a car in Great Britain, and that number is always growing! But why do so many people opt to lease a car instead of buying one?




Your Car Is Always Brand New

Leasing means you always have the latest model. Enjoy the very best the motoring market has to offer.

It’s Cheaper to Lease than Buy

It’s true! Loss of value due to depreciation means buying a new car is more expensive than leasing.

Leasing a Car in the UK is Convenient

Take the stress out of car ownership. Leasing makes car ownership easy. We take care of everything.

Car Leasing Gives You Flexibility

Need a car short term? Want to upgrade to a new model quickly? Never get stuck with a car you don’t want.

Fixed Monthly Fees Leave No Surprises

Our cars for lease come at fixed monthly lease fees. No hidden costs. Always know what you’re paying.

UK Car Leasing Suits All Budgets

Whether you’re looking to spend big or save money on your car, our car leasing services have an option to suit you.

Cancelled Order Vehicles

For a great deal, check out our selection of cancelled order vehicles. All of our cancelled order vehicles come with immediate availability and a discounted price, meaning you can pick up an amazing bargain and be driving your new lease car in no time.

Why Choose Kardi Vehicles for Your UK Car Leasing?

A family-run business, Kardi Vehicles are invested in you. Our goal is very simple: to provide exceptional UK car leasing deals at prices that you can’t refuse. Our success depends on your satisfaction. If you aren't happy with your lease deal, you won’t come back, so we’re always striving to make sure we’re offering a service that means Kardi Vehicles is the only UK car lease company you want to use. From personal hire to business car leasing, we’ll never stop working to provide our customers with the very best UK car lease opportunities.

A trusted member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, you know that Kardi Vehicles is a UK car lease company you can rely on. We work directly with funding services and car dealers to secure unbeatable lease rates.

If you’ve got any questions about UK car leasing options, or can’t find the deal you want, why not get in touch with our friendly staff?


View Our Exciting Leasing Offers for Our Top Makes:

UK Car Leasing: Mercedes-Benz Lease Deals

A customer favourite, Mercedes-Benz lease deals are some of our most popular. Given their current range of exceptional quality cars, it's no surprise they are some of the best cars to lease. We’ve handpicked a range of amazing Mercedes-Benz lease deals for individuals and businesses looking to secure premium UK car leasing opportunities. Available at surprisingly affordable rates, there really is a Mercedes-Benz lease deal suitable for everyone. Browse our car lease options to find out more.

UK Car Leasing FAQs: How Does Car Leasing Work?

UK Car leasing is very simple and easy to manage. The process offers you access to brand new vehicles without paying high ownership prices. All you have to do is browse Kardi Vehicles, looking for the car you want. You can then select mileage and length of lease, both of which will impact the overall cost of the car. There will also be a one-off upfront cost. And that’s it. Once you’ve decided on what you want, we run credit checks and secure your car lease agreement. We then deliver your car and you pay for it in fixed monthly instalments until the end of the contract. Following the end of the lease contract, you return the car to us, with the option to either buy the car outright at a reduced cost, continue the lease, or upgrade to a new car lease package*.

*Terms of contract may vary, some contract options may not offer the chance to buy or continue leasing. Please check your contract or talk to us directly if you have questions about what happens after your lease.

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UK Car Leasing FAQs: Is My Leased Car Insured?

At Kardi Vehicles, we do not provide insurance coverage for car lease deals. Why not? Because car insurance fees vary due to your unique circumstances, and it’s always cheaper to manage it yourself. If we offered you car insurance for our UK car leasing offers, we could not guarantee you the best price. We don’t want you paying more than you have to, so we leave car insurance in your hands.

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UK Car Leasing FAQs: What is Personal Contract Hire? (PCH)

All our UK car lease offers are completed through Personal Contract Hire (PCH). A common practice in the car lease industry, we connect private individuals with financial funding providers that secure your lease contract. We support you in every step of the way, managing every process required on your behalf. It could not be easier to lease a car using Personal Contract Hire. There are no additional fees for PCH.

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What is Business Contract Hire? (BCH)

Business Contract Hire (BCH) is the perfect solution for businesses looking to secure a modern and affordable fleet of vehicles for their company. From commercial vans and trucks to cars used for commuting and business travel, Business Contract Hire is a popular UK car leasing opportunity used by thousands of companies across the country. Kardi Vehicles will assign a lease manager to your business to help manage your leased fleet for the lifetime of your contracts with us.

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We Make UK Car Leasing Even More Affordable: Buying Your Car

Looking to make the jump from personal car ownership to car leasing? It’s a good decision! Car leasing is more affordable than buying a car, reducing the costs of maintenance and running costs, all while saving thousands usually lost on depreciation. And, at Kardi Vehicles, we’ll make it even more affordable. We’ll buy your current car from you at a great deal, allowing you to put that money towards the costs of car leasing. Contact our sales team to get a quote for your old car.