New Business Car and Van Leasing

Vehicle leasing for a new business

It is a common frustration encountered by many new companies across the UK who need to lease a vehicle but cannot do so because their company has not got a credit file. 

Thankfully, Kardi Leasing can help. Last year we have leased vehicles to over 60 companies who have been trading for less than 12 months. 

The Leasing Process For a New Business

The process for leasing a vehicle follows all of the same steps. 

  • Enquiry
  • Quotation
  • Credit Search
  • Order
  • Book Delivery

The only deviation from the normal process is that our rates for a new business are not advertised. The reason for this is that each business is different and will need to determine the best credit provider on a case by case business. 



New Business Vehicle Leasing FAQ's

Yes! We can provide a business lease to a company who has just been established. 

Yes. We can lease to you even if you have not got any history or past experience. 

As with all financial arrangements your business will be responsible and expected to meet all repayments as set out in the schedule. If you need to terminate early there will be a clause built into the contract. If you cannot satisfy the early termination fee, the credit provider may initiate legal proceedings against the company. 

Yes, If you have a proven record this will help to secure a better rate. 

The answer is yes in most cases. If your business has expanded to the UK and has a proven history elsewhere we may be able to secure you a better rate by referencing your non UK company

How To Enquire

Please complete the contact form below to enquire about a lease for your new business. Our friendly team will be in touch.