Terms & Conditions


All prices quoted for personal leasing include VAT, All prices quoted for business leasing excludes VAT. VAT is charged at the current rate, If the VAT rate changes mid term this will be reflected in the payments.

All vehicles quoted include delivery within mainland UK. This delivery may be transported or driven, Delivery Mileages are not included in the contract’s annual mileage. All vehicles include a Road Fund Licence for the duration of the contract.

Kardi Reserve the tights to modify pricing before or after an order is accepted. The client will be notified of any modifications and holds the right to cancel the order if the modifications are not acceptable.

Prices advertised are for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer by Kardi capable of acceptance.

Utmost Good Faith.

As a client entering into a lease agreement you are obligated by the principal of utmost good faith to make a full declaration of all material facts which may affect price quoted. (i.e…driver history, penalty points, Modifications to vehicle)  

Excess Mileage Charges

All of our contracts have an excess mileage charge which is displayed as pence per mile. This excess mileage charge will be charged at the end of a contract if the contract mileage has been exceeded. There is no refund or credit for vehicles returned below the mileage limit. This excess mileage charge is displayed on the agreement document.


Cancellation of a vehicle will only be acknowledged and acted upon when received in writing. It is your responsibility to ensure that the written cancellation has been received. A cancellation charge of £500.00 + VAT will be issued to you if any costs are incurred by Kardi when cancelling the vehicle.