Electric Cars

Check out our electric car lease deals below and you can start saving your money and give back to the planet. Electric cars are the future and with leasing you are experiencing the most effective way to drive into the future.

93 models

Specialist car leasing experts Kardi Vehicles provide a range of electric vehicles. Discover our fantastic options, from Tesla to BMW.

  • Fully-electric cars promising powerful environmental benefits
  • From Luxury to affordable ranges; electric cars that suit every budget
  • Brand new car lease options featuring state-of-the-art technology
  • Perfect for both personal lease deals and business contracts
  • Simple, easy and pain-free leasing system with no hidden costs.

Why Choose an Electric Car Lease

Leasing an electric car is like leasing the car of the future, today! Electric cars are landmark technology, packed with the latest and greatest new-age features, they hit headlines regularly for their innovations and industry-leading developments. And all this could be yours.

Green and eco-friendly vehicles built with the future in mind, electric cars are key to the fight against climate change. Leasing an electric vehicle is a big step towards reducing your carbon footprint and helping to mark a new era for a healthier world. Be part of the climate change revolution.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Car Leasing High demand for electric car leasing is driven by the profound impacts electric cars can have on the environment. The UK government wants all new cars in the UK to be electric by 2040 at the latest as part of their campaign to reduce carbon emissions. How does leasing an electric car help achieve this?

No More Exhaust Emissions

The emissions from fossil-fuel burning vehicles have had a deep and detrimental impact on the atmosphere, but electric cars produce no emissions at all.

Renewable Energy

Leased electric cars can be charged through docks powered by greener energy. Zero-emission output from a sustainable and eco-friendly power supply!

Eco-Friendly Production

Electric car manufacturing is moving towards environmentally-friendly practices and materials, making electric car leases not just more sustainable to drive, but also to produce.