What does PDI mean and why are they done

You may have heard your dealer or salesperson say the car has to go through its PDI check. PDI simply put, stands for Pre Delivery Inspection. They take place by the technicians at the dealership (Mechanics, to those of us who are of the older generation)

Because the vehicle has to travel from the factory, in many cases long distances from countrys like Japan and South Korea, the vehicle can get get slightly damaged, or warning lights can come on. The vehicle can loose fluids and air from the tyres. Also things can get missed at the factory. So this is an important part of the delivery process on your new vehicle.

What happens during the PDI check

The Technician will have a walk around the vehicle and look for anything obvious, this will include any paintwork damage including dents, damage to the glass and any damage to the tyres and wheels. They will also check all lights and indicators are working correctly.

The interior of the car comes next, checking the upholstery is not damaged in anyway. Checks on all the systems, Radio, Sat Nav, USB ports etc are all carried out. Also checks on the windscreen wipers and seat belts. 

If any warning lights do happen to show, this is then checked by a short road test to ensure everything is ok. 

Other things that are checked are all fluid levels, spare keys are working and present, tyre pressure is checked and topped up if required, including the spare if applicable.

Rest assured that if anything is found it is rectified there and then, if its slightly more serious the appropriate specialist is brought in to rectify the issue.

All that’s left is to deliver a brand new vehicle to your door. 

Happy Motoring from all of us at Kardi Leasing